May 11:

Sharna R. Windom, 25, possession narcotics, CCSO

Benjy Lamont Allen, 49, suspended license, no seatbelt, NPD

Gnani Shaguille Scott, 18, FTA, VOP, GPD

Pierre Xavier Scott, 20, FTML, no license, no seatbelt, driving in emergency lane, NPD

Christopher Fraley, 43, DUI, FTML, SPD

Anthony Jerome Bryant, 52, DUI, GPD

Steven James Coplen, 23, possession marijuana, FTML, suspended license, CCSO

Patrick Joseph Whitmire, 20, giving false name, CCSO

Annie Patrice Brown, 40, DUI,, FTML, NPD

David Lee Smith, 59, resisting, NPD

Cody Smith, 18, possession alcohol under 21, NPD

Joseph Dennis Robinson, possession marijuana/ alcohol under 21, NPD

James Curtis Wilson, 19, shoplifting, resisting, NPD

Kim Sue Whitton, 26, giving false name, CCSO

Pedro Perez-Jimenez, 44, driving without license, CCSO

Katy Lee Smith, 19, affray, CCSO

Howard Ragland, 60, fleeing/ attempting to elude, no proof insurance, failure to stop, FTML, no registration, DUI, CCSO

Anna Cecile Thies, 18, affray, possession alcohol under 21, CCSO

May 12:

Sean David Whitfield, 19, affray, CCSO

Maria Carrizallez-Sanchez, 37, driving without license, FTML, NPD

Kent William Ronig, 48, DUI, FTML, speeding, open container, GSP

Richard S. Berard, 38, DUI, drag racing, reckless driving, NPD

Sylvester Florence Jr., 36, carrying weapon without license, disorderly conduct, obstruction, NPD

Ashley Nicole Harmon, 21, battery, criminal trespass, CCSO

Walter Gatlin, 48, DUI, no license, SPD

Richard Latrez Jackson, 27, DUI, FTML, GPD

Roderick Montarios Walker, 18, disorderly conduct, NPD

Pamela Mapp Spradlin, 45, deposit fraud account, NPD

Wanda Rome Williams, 43, HOA

Brendon Joseph Motzel, 21, no registration, suspended license, CCSO

May 13:

Tammy Christine Dudley, 41, battery, CCSO

Michael Wayne Johnson, 34, criminal trespass, CCSO

Galing Riggs, 20, trespassing, NPD

Stanley Lamar Baker, 21, no license, VOP, NPD

Chadwick Newell Brennan 36, deposit fraud account, CCSO

Kimberly Lynn Hunter, 44, battery, VOP, CCSO

Juan G. Martinez, 57, pedestrian under influence, NPD

Anthony Alvis Green Jr., FTML, no license on person, suspended license, NPD

Stanley Baker Jr., 21, no charges listed

Jason Dutton, 32, VOP, narcotics possession, CCSO

Christopher Brown, 27, serious injury by vehicle, DUI, leaving scene of accident, GSP

Richard Wright, 25, battery, CCSO

Gregory Hammett, 45, battery, CCSO

Craig Shelton, 39, suspended license, VOP, CCSO

Adam Paul, 29, battery, criminal trespass, CCSO

Steven Hardy, 27, HOA, NPD

Wade Crittenden, 23, obstruction, CCSO

Carl Davis, 30, suspended license, CCSO

Mary Barnes, 40, HOA, CCSO

Darius White, 25, possession marijuana, CCSO

Roy Oneal, 39, battery, NPD

David McClain, 17, burglary, CCSO

May 14:

Matthew Bishop, 41, possession marijuana, CCSO

Ervin Parks Jr., 34, VOP

Mary Helen Phillips, 46, VOP, CCSO

Robert Earl Ballard Jr., 36, fleeing/ attempting to elude, DUI, no tag, suspended license, reckless driving, open container, CCSO

Barry Crawford Ogletree, 46, possession narcotics, forgery, CCSO

Gilbert Wicks, 47, HOA, CCSO

Andreges Cleveland, 32, VOP, NPD

Bobby Glenn, 51, VOP, NPD

Brie Michelle Hill, 22, suspended/ revoked license, interfering, headlights required, NPD

Deangelo Martiez, Daniel, 23, VOP, NPD

Brashad Carlean Sanders, 29, shoplifting, CCSO

May 15:

Kevin Drew Kennedy, 29, speeding, suspended/ revoked license, headlights required, CCSO

Charles Michael Thompson, 24, disorderly conduct, NPD

Sharonda Janae Webb, 19, endangering security interest, possession marijuana, CCSO

Richard Eugene Parker, 38, VOP, CCSO

Eva Galy, 47, suspended license, speeding, GSP

Layla Smith, 35, HOA, NPD

Stephen Richard Allison, 27, DUI, FTML, no registration, GSP

Anthony Shane Aeko, 26, HOA, CCSO

Orlando Maurice DUnnum, 31, theft by taking, NPD

Julius Ceaser Johnson III, 52, theft by taking, CCSO

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