Nov. 25: Darrell Bernard Harris, 47, battery/FVA, simple battery/FVA, cruelty children third degree, SPD David William Schultz, 41, suspended license, ran stop sign, GPD James John Dinucci, 19, theft by shoplifting, NPD
Rafael Alvarado Alvarez, 40, DUI, suspended license, FTML, CCSO Rebecca Marie Wood, 30, burglary, CCSO Eddie Jane Daniel, 46, aggravated assault with a knife, criminal trespass, NPD Liedwell Dexter King, 40, VOP, GSP Shequenda C. Morgan, 24, possession of marijuana, illegal materials window tint, speeding, GSP Joseph Darrell Stephens, 51, suspended license, NPD Natalie Celia Garza, 21, hit and run, NPD Alonzo Pierre Maynard Sr., 50, theft by shoplifting, SPD Brandon Trinity Quinn, 26, possession Schedule IV narcotic, suspended license, limited driving conditions, NPD Terence Termina Tinch, 22, suspended license, CCSO Matthew Porter Kendall, 31, battery, CCSO George Warren Howard Jr., 55, simple battery, CCSO Christy Elizabeth Massengale, possession of narcotics, windshield and windshield wipers required, CCSO *** Nov. 26: Gerald Jermaine Ross, 19, possession of marijuana, no taillights, license to be carried, CCSO Ryan Thomas Bermingham, 25, DUI, no taillights, GSP Steve Hood Jr., 34, hold for other agency, NPD Marvin Mitchell Copeland, 53, criminal trespass, CCSO Jason Kyle Crawford, 29, simple battery, CCSO Katie Marie Harpole, 22, suspended license, speeding, GSP Bret McLaughlin May, 48, suspended license, CCSO Brett Kremple, 26, possession of marijuana, SPD Jelani Anthony Figures, 23, possession of marijuana, speeding, GSP Courtney Ann Gibbs, 24, possession of marijuana, SPD Daniel Deon Trosper, 32, possession of marijuana, GPD *** Nov. 27: Lewis William Barr Jr., 40, suspended license, CCSO David James Thacker, 43, public drunk, NPD Julia Grace Blair, 48, DUI, FTML, CCSO Amirah Nisaa Cambell, 25, suspended license, speeding, GPD Joseph Steven Phillips, 24, DUI, FTML, CCSO Malcolm Jamal Harris, 20, DUI, GSP Cederick Lamar Woolverton, 42, DUI, following too close, FTML, speeding, GSP Walter Lee Ponder Jr., 23, public drunk, resisting arrest, NPD Raymond Ward Huey IV, 26, DUI, FTML, failure to yield, CCSO Casey Duane Todd, 18, driving without license, false name, SPD Roderick Walker, 17 resisting arrest, public drunk, possession of alcohol under 21, NPD Darius Montrez McKiver, 19, DUI, impeding flow of traffic, GSP Robert Carroll Rowland, 42 DUI, NPD Cory Lamar Potts, 21, DUI, following too close, CCSO Richard Carrigan, 27, public drunk, disorderly conduct, resisting arrest NPD Antonias Scandretty, 28, suspended/revoked license, NPD Alejandro Cesar Infante, 24, simple battery/FVA, obstruction, child cruelty, GPD Andrew Allen Harrison, 35, DUI, FTML, CCSO Jason Michael Lee, 27, suspended license, speeding, CCSO Adan N. Gayton, 40, driving without license, CCSO Antonio Ramirez, 35, driving without license, CCSO Gregory Scott Teal, 24, hold for other agency, CCSO Dresidan Glenn, 31, suspended/revoked license, CCSO Fredrick Tucker, 41, disorderly conduct, NPD Jeffrey Beebe, 35, simple battery, CCSO Marlon C. Hernandez, 30, driving without license, fleeing, no stop sign, CCSO Tashanbreia Ann Keith, 22, suspended/revoked license, child restraint, GSP Sarah Rose Oneal, 26, pointing gun at another, CCSO Kevin Trevor McGinty, 45, VOP Lisa Marie Parson, 21, disorderly conduct, NPD Gabriel Lamont Parker Jr., 17, no license, no headlights, CCSO *** Nov. 28: Jimmy Charles Ellis, 44, disorderly conduct, NPD Joel Douglas Wilson, 45, VOP, probation office Mary Shauntell Sellers, 25, VOP, probation office Ryan Gregory Hill, 25, VOP Ferrell Levon Parks, 53, no insurance, suspended license, CCSO Domingo Aguilar Rodriguez, 47, driving without license, CCSO Kevin Eugene Banks, 39, VOP, FTA, CCSO Cassandra Warwick, 19, theft by shoplifting, NPD Dave Davis, 41, VOP, CCSO Terrance Johnson, 19, VOP, walk-in Julianna Barlow, 35, VOP, walk-in *** Nov. 29: Kelly Sharie Allred, 29, simple battery/FVA Dominic St. Clair Everett, 29, no license, CCSO Janice Juanita Cox, 56, aggravated assault with other weapon, CCSO Julio Lopez, 33, VOP, CCSO Jonathan Erle Noran, 32, theft by taking, CCSO Sheri Marie Faulkner, 19, VOP, CCSO Bruce K. Phillips, 41, VOP, CCSO Jeffery Daniel Pankey, 35, VOP, CCSO Marcello Deangelo Person, 30, VOP, CCSO Robin Renee Thrower, 45, DUI, simple battery, CCSO Charles Tyrone Power, 49, VOP, CCSO Thomas Watson Parker III, VOP, CCSO Roderick Raymond Derring, 26, endangering security interest Roderick Antwan Jackson, 20, suspended license, driving without license, NPD Richard Eric Henning Sr., 41, DUI, FTML, speeding, CCSO Samuel Hartford Pharis Jr., 45, obstruction, public drunk, CCSO *** Nov. 30: Nile Brandon Thompson, 31, FTA, NPD Kathryn Letha Farr, 25, DUI, NPD Scott Anderson Berry, 42, suspended license, CCSO Sonya Deanne Bragg, 48, burglary (forced entry), CCSO Robert Matthew Vernon, 22, burglary, CCSO Elijah Rosean Edwards, 20, VOP, NPD Toni-She Timmons, 40, theft by shoplifting, NPD April Quinette Newsome, 26, VOP, probation office Devarr Antoine Odom, 32, theft by shoplifting, NPD.

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